Lickgoldensky – Lickgoldensky

4 out of 5

Label: Level Plane

Produced by: Josh Jabakowski

This lovely little blip of hardcore heaven keeps seeming like it’s an offhand chore to its perpetrators, which sound bad, but is actually part of its appeal.  The constant breaks into noise, the way the disc shifts from blazing, ear-searing punky metal to moments that approximate, like, 311, or Deftones, or System of a Down… are Lickgoldensky putting us on?  Some of the dumb lyrics may suggest so, but the way this thing herky-jerks between all of its various inspirations creates a unique experience, fist-pumpingly intense and full of so many awesome moments that make you wonder why LGS aren’t superstars.

“Oh, right,” you realize, when, 30 seconds later, they give in to their next sound diversion.

Being this spastic but this brilliant must take a toll, though, as we wouldn’t hear anything much from these guys after this release…