Cavity – Laid Insignificant (HH rerelease)

4 out of 5

Label: Hydra Head

Produced by: Daniel Gorostiaga, Steve Heritage

The short answer is: No, you haven’t heard any group mash up thrash, metal, punk, sludge, and hardcore with the same intensity and skill and energy as Cavity.  You also will temporarily consider putting away every Cable or Slayer album you own while listening to Laid Insignificant.  Sure, the feeling fades – demystified as you dip deeper into the disc – and you remember that Cable and old-school Slayer are badasses on their own terms, but the point remains: Cavity were / are an amazing group, and display this sense of awareness that extends beyond just “angry music” that thus elevates their output.

Hydra Head’s reissue of their catalogue is a blessing; Laid Insignificant loses a Septic Death cover track, but gains the two-part Spine as an extra, and while making this two tracks is puzzling (it’s basically the same speed riff, separated by a Raging Bull audio clip), the track ends up being so good that it ain’t such a big deal.  But the real selling point, here, is the mighty triumvirate opening of the title track – a punky, chaotic mess of emotions – drone-y masterpiece The Woods, which descends into some brilliantly minimalist drumming / riffing, and the epic-seeming (though it’s shorter than the previous two tracks) 9 Fingers On The Spider.  Followup Marginal Man is where it gets a little weird, as it feels cut from the same mold in which Spider ends, to the extent that it feels like a coda, though it’s clearly a separate song, and then I May Go wraps back around to the first song’s structure.  These are both compelling tracks, they just fall back on a note of familiarity (though not lacking in passion) whereas everything else here screams originality, carving the memory of the song inta yer brain matters.  The thrash of Spine (two-part separation aside) brings us back up to, eh, speed, leading into the monumental A Bitter Cold Spell, which crawls out of Cable-esque slocore rock into blessed, eardrum shattering hardcore.