Bogdan Raczynski ‎– MyLoveILove

3 out of 5

Label: Rephlex

Produced by: Bogdan Raczynski

After insanifying our eardrums with Samurai Math Beats and Boku Mo Wakaran, Rephlex’s resident madman – yes, madder than their already impressive and inspired group of regulars, with his loose, cut-and-paste approach to IDM – delivered MyLoveILove, 17 same-named, minimally-beaty tracks, occasionally featuring Bogdan’s cooing about love and relationships.  If it sounds touching, not so much – it’s still pretty twisted, but certainly not in the same exact vein of what came before.  And so questions arose: is this silly?  Is it sincere?  Some of the lyrics, when decipherable, slip between childlike prose and then fantastical imaginings, suggesting maybe the latter, but I don’t know if there’s an exact aim of that nature when it comes to Raczynski: all of his releases have a sense of humor, I’d say, but not so that you can’t get down and feel the music at the same time.  It’s more deflective; the same kind of persona that would wear a dress on the cover of his first album, Thinking Of You; that would adorn MyLoveILove’s cover with a soft focus, intimate, up close pic.  It’s more… raw than directly humorous, I’d say; sort of a ‘take me for what I am’ but then willing to be a bit goofy upon letting us in.

Or something like that.

There are some definite Raczynski melodies floating throughout MyLove, as well as some lullabye, soothing accordion tunes – a lot of this given over to organic instrumentation, played with the same looseness as his electronic compositions – and then, on the latter half of the album, some light grooving beats.  The longest track, at 6+ minutes, achieves a Pierre Bastien-like trance: a tick-tock beat, lightly jazzy horns.  Toward album’s end, the sing-song loveyness starts to get restless, and some bouncier, interesting elements emerge, along with slightly shadowier moods.

But, yes, this overall m.o. isn’t as grabbing without an assaulting beatToo many open-ended sentiments without structure make MyLoveILove generally more effective as background music.  It’s short enough, and with enough interesting bits and pieces to merit occasionally finding its way into my playlist – I want something uninterruptive but not too structured, for example – but I consider it more as proof of Raczynski’s validity as an ‘artist,’ and not just some dude smashing beats together.  MyLoveILove is open, honest, maybe dumb at points, maybe silly, but it’s the work of someone who made it with purpose.  Right?  Eh, who knows.