Annie Hall – Fum

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Annie Hall

CPUs EPs kill me.  I mean, their albums do also, but their EPs make it seem so easy to create genius.  Like, an album is a bit of a listening investment; four tracks are just a casual thing, though, put it on when you’re doing laundry.  And so they have this list of artists, new ones added all the time, and they drop four or five tracks on wax and you put it on and it blows you away… and then CPU just wanders along and finds another artist to do it again next month.

Up now: Annie Hall’s Fum, one of the most exciting followers in the Drexciya sound I’ve heard in recent past, creating similarly slippery, mysterious worlds bereft of the quirk a lot of fellow IDMers can’t stay away from…  However, whereas Drexciya’s tools rather purposefully grounded their sound in the past (or alternate pasts), Annie’s sound is somehow modern, embracing some elements of synth wave to create this thrilling, forward-looking, danger-seeking approach, beats burbling by as we coast along looking for the next wave of electronic thrills.

If that’s all vague, well, yes: Fum is all about a feeling, and it’s a weirdly exciting one, with that hint of danger of being involved in something a little wrong.  The bookends to this EP – Verd Mar and Promeses De Fusta – capture this mix perfectly, while the tracks inbetween – D’un Altre Planeta and the title track – maybe each hang around for one round of beats too long to maintain their edge, but they’re still in step with whatever this mysterious world of Fum actually is.

(In keeping with my unhelpful descriptions, Annie has us zooming down dark streets in our futuro flying car, then maybe parking for a while for a couple of tracks and just watching passerbys, bobbing our heads to our tunes, before getting back into drive for destinations unknown, i.e. whatever the next brilliant CPU EP might be, or maybe checking out what else Annie Hall has to offer…)