3 out of 5

Produced by: Susumu Hirasawa

Label: DIW

A collection of the four initial Shun / Syun recordings, Syun (according to wiki) was a P-Model side project of sorts for Susumu Hirasawa, undertaken when P-Model was on hold.  Each group member was tasked with writing their own compositions, purposefully different from their core group, and Susumu’s variation was this stuff – very loop and sample heavy instrumental pieces.  And I think taken as individual recordings, the material is all rather awesome: you can recognize some Susumu sounds here, but there’s an interesting almost industrial angle to the way the samples are applied that reminded me of the less manic Foetus stuff.  Beats are very prevalent and toe-tappy, and the tracks jump between more recognizable ‘songs’ and experimental looping with fair balance. But – although it’s certainly convenient to have all of this material together – there also seems to be a lot of re-use from recording to recording, so after we pass out of the original 4 or 5 songs from the first two Shun releases collected here, the disc starts sounding like a remix of itself.  My rating might be higher if I’d listened to all of these separately, then went in with familiarity and could just appreciate the ease of having one location to listen to it all; alas, this is me hearing it all for the first time, and though the disc is quite pleasant to keep on repeat, only the first half really stands out as unique.