Susumu Hirasawa – Lost Legend OST / Kamui-Mintara OST

4 out of 5

Label: Teslakite

Produced by: Susumu Hirasawa

Note: this compilation is included in the Haldyn Dome boxset

I can’t find much info on either of these soundtracks – and I don’t read Japanese – but the teslakite page calls Lost Legend a ‘spectacle show in parque espana’ (a park, apparently, in Mexico City) and the latter, Kamui Mintara, shares its name with a sculpture created by two Japenese sculptors, so I’m going to suppose that these accompanied live events.

As such, the frequent return to a theme on both portions of the disc can perhaps be understood as integral to whatever performance we’re not seeing; admittedly, if you’re not listening too closely, this can lead to the scores sounding rather repetitive.  And so I’d recommend a closer review for that reason: Lost Legend and Kamui-Mintara are beautiful in their own ways, each recognizably Hirasawa but distinctive as well.

Lost Legend tends toward loops of something that’s celebratory sounding, before launching in to more aggressive fare, as befitting song titles that would seem to be chronicling a battle.  Kamui-Mintara, on the other hand, with seasonal sub-names for each track title, starts off very light and airy, becoming more confident from composition to composition before Susumu adds vocals to its final, fleshed out track.  Imagining these scores as constant background makes sense: they work much more comprehensively than a typical score, functioning as ‘movements’ between emotional states instead of clear cues for scenes.

Out of the two, Lost Legend may stand out more on its own, but appreciably, the scores complement each other very well.