Susumu Hirasawa – Error

3 out of 5

Label: Polydor

Produced by: Susumu Hirasawa

A live set that, I believe, nips from Susumu’s solo albums up through Technique of Relief.

It’s a nicely varied assortment of tracks, favoring the more eclectic, P-Model-y type stuff – that would definitely make for a fun live show – and it’s certainly impressive to hear all the blips and bleeps committed perfectly in a non-studio format.  Hirasawa, especially toward the beginning of the show, is very energetic, with almost getting to a scream on the opener, but it’s not like his vocals dip at any point: he’s an excellent performer.

The recording isn’t wonderfully mastered, having that somewhat flat, dimmed, live sound these things can take on, but the editing from track to track is good, keeping it moving.

While it’s nice to hear Susumu’s untreated vocals on some of the songs that were very synth-heavy, on album, there’s not much here that encourages one to listen to these versions over the originals.  As such, it falls into the “yes, this is a live album” range of quality.