Murray – Discography

3 out of 5

Label: Digital Download (

Produced by: Carl Saff (mastered by)

A solid, if fairly typical, slab of Chicago college rock.  Their discography offers up eleven anthems (though there’s a separate download on Matt Sommers’ site that seems to have an additional track – ‘Little Things’) that each would feel very much in place with the superior, rockier world of early 90s MTV airplay; I can very much imagine any one of these tracks inserted into comps which got a lot of rotation from me, then, such as the Mallrats soundtrack…  The day-to-day lyrics; the muted verse riff with punky talk-singing; the stop/start chorus punches; the to-the-point solos; it’s all very much of a style and era that will likely give you some nostalgia shivers.

While the set makes out with some definite head-bobbers (opener Things To Do, Cigarette Burn; the raucous The Streets of Chicago Will Run Red With Your Blood), there’s an equal amount here that follows a playbook set by the previous or succeeding track too exactly; when I would get a chorus stuck in my head, I’d flip to a song, only to realize I was thinking of the next song…  But given that this stuff passes by in like 30 minutes or less, it’s super easy to just let it play on repeat, and you’ll get to that memorable song soon enough,