Modest Mouse / 764-Hero – Whenever You See Fit

3 out of 5

Label: Suicide Squeeze

Produced by: Modest Mouse / 764-Hero?

For better or worse, this is one of those releases you buy as a fan of either group and then don’t listen to it so much.  It’s not a bad track, it’s just essentially a jam, and doesn’t quite satisfy as either the best of 764 or Mouse, but certainly represents exactly what it sounds like when you mash both groups together.  Recognizable vocal patterns, guitar tunes, drumming fills, bass lines… the whole thing.  Which does, on the other hand, make it interesting to return to at different points, especially if you’ve just gotten off of a jag of listening to one band or the other, and suddenly some aspect of the song sticks out more than another.  It also fills up its 14 minutes pretty effectively, surging and wandering along with enough variance to justify the runtime.

The remixes are what they are: remixes.  The Dynomite D version is a bit more beat-based, but honestly doesn’t do much besides add that beat and shorten the track.  The Sientific American version, however, strips the song down to some base elements – Atkin’s voice, a drum line – and admittedly makes it feel more like the production of one group instead of two.  So SA meets the difficult task of making a single remix a different beast.  All the same, you probably won’t thirst after either of these B-sides.

Mainly for collectors, I’d say, but woe to the fan who hears this first and seeks the band that sounds like it, discovering that neither 764 or Mouse fit the bill.