Moderat – Seamonkey single

4 out of 5

Produced by: Moderat

Label: BPitch Control

While these Seamonkey remixes don’t extend too far off the template, it’s interesting how they each pick up one side of the tune and make it work.

The first, by Untold – and admittedly more grabbing of the two – ups the pace a little bit and goes for the dance angle, twisting some of the original’s ominous elements into an almost cute Gremlins-esque sound effect.  The track builds its beats effectively, adding to its pot of tricks throughout.

The second cut, by Surgeon, focus on the icier, AFX side of the track, keeping it muted but head down and driving for six minutes.  Its intensity builds steadily; it doesn’t quite stick the landing, choosing to wind down instead of pay off the tension, but it’s not a simple fade out or anything, and is akin to the original’s method of ending.

Most importantly, the remixes stand on their own as worthwhile experiences in addition to the album version.