Moderat – Rusty Nails single

4 out of 5

Produced by: Modeselektor, Apparat

Label: BPitch Control

The slinky, powerful Rusty Nails gets two dancey remix variations.

The first take, from TRG, is the superior and more uptempo of the two.  Though the way it locks itself into just a snippet of the vocals edges toward being too repetitive, the track makes up for it by nabbing the sense of build up from the original: when the beat initially kicks in, you’re already caught up in the groove, but when it breaks again, you’re really grabbed.

A slightly extended version of the original follows, reminding of how goddamn good it is.

Booka Shade wraps it up with a fascinating tour of production techniques and styles as the source track is disassembled into barest bits and reformatted into a clinical, but certainly danceable, beat.  Not every machination works, but the track keep mutating in interesting ways, keeping your ears invested until the end.