Mike Mictlan – Snaxxx!

4 out of 5

Label: Doomtree

Produced by: 2% Muck, various

Doomtree, more than any other rap crew / label with which I’m familiar, makes all of their releases a group affair.  Everyone guests on everything; everyone gets a shoutout; every producer offers a beat or two.  Yes, depending on whose name is on the front will guide the sound, but it’s a defining feature of DT stuff nonetheless.

There are certain things on Snaxxx! I could do without.  The frequent coughing and other gross sound effects are, y’know, gross, and as this was pitched as a ‘mixtape,’ there’s very much an all-hands-on approach that prevents the disc or songs from feeling like they have a theme or a point beyond having a good time.

That said, Snaxxx is a good time… an incredibly good time.  Mictlan’s jittery style reminds of Prof, with a similar fascination with the perverse, but the rapper’s stream-of-consciousness has its own sense of rolling from rhyme to rhyme, always making the next line a blur of curious words and phrases.  Paired with producer %2 Muck throughout most of this, there’s a glitchy production sensibility to the whole thing that syncs with that presentation, given some ridiculous flourish of choice samples and heavy beats, flip-flopping between more aggressive spits (WZRD SCIENCE) and jokes (Spicy Peeñ).  But, as mentioned, when the guests start to pile on on later tracks, while these are excellent cuts, the sense that we’re listening to Mictlan versus a roundhouse of cameos sets in, thankfully wrapping up on the strong and weird Snaxxx Bag (My Last Words).

While Snaxxx! might lack a clear identity, it is jam-packed with talent, with inventive and energetic spitting from Mictlan, quirky beats from %2 Muck, and an ongoing stream of ideas, whether presented by Mike or the rest of his Doomtree crew.