Mellowdrone – Go Get ‘Em Tiger

3 out of 5

Label: Los Feliz Records

Produced by: Jonathan Bates

Sort of a half step to the full blown production of debut album Box, the Go Get ‘Em Tiger EP was certainly hotly anticipated from the ‘Drone fans earned via the powerful Demonstration EP, but even removed from the build up of expectations, it’s a somewhat underwhelming release.  The highlights are those tracks which highlight lead Jonathan Bates’ ability to mash-up pretty sounds with ugly imagery, emoted with distinct passion; opener Bonemarrow is one such example, which of course was thus features on Box, but Motivation is really the only other standout in this mold.  The other tracks are acceptable fare, but come across as early Radiohead-lite (yes, Bates has a Yorke-y croon) or unformed electronic experimentation.

With so little Mellowdrone material readily available, there’s a need to own this, but I admittedly find myself returning to it not nearly as often as the full albums.