Susumu Hirasawa – Lagnacure Lengend / twenty2product collaborations

5 out of 5

Produced by: Susumu Hirasawa?

Label: Tesla Kite

Note: This is disc 16 of the Haldyn Dome boxset.  The first track is the theme to Lagnacure Legend; the remaining tracks (some of which are ‘Densha,’ Loop,’ and ‘IDN,’ semi-according to here) are various songs from twenty2product collaborations, which, from its website, is “an internationally recognized motion graphics and interactive design consultancy” located in San Fran.  So that’s that.

It’s hard to effectively summarize this disc, because it’s bits and pieces from everywhere: a soundtrack, various ‘presentations,’ undoubtedly each with differing styles and themes.  But, wait, it’s not hard to say that the disc is awesome, representing the most showy and grabbing forms of each of Susumu’s various styles: more celebratory and orchestral, playful P-Model-ness, synthy score work, etc.

Lagnacure Legend – a Playstation-era JRPG – takes some notes from the marching style of Glory Wars and matures it further with the lush orchestration of some of his latter soundtrack works and post-Aurora solo albums.  It’s moving and appropriately monumental sounding.

The remaining tracks are the collabos, and are all insanely good.  Track 2 (google translated as ‘Luktun or DIE’) is pure P-Model skronk, fast-paced and jumpy with a great little riff; track 3 (‘Earth cat’) maintains the momentum with a lighter, airier musical backing; ‘Gerbera / Masami’ is a delicious waltz with an amazing buildup; ‘Densha’ is synth wonderment, sampled and chopped up and technoed; ‘loop’ – somewhat paralleling track 2 and 3’s setup – has a similar energy to Densha but a much calmer vibe; ‘IDN’ is, admittedly, just a footnote, somewhat repeating Densha’s cut-and-paste sound effects, but it’s a good way to round this out.

This is the shortest and most to-the-point disc in the Haldyn Dome set, making it easy to rate – as these are one-off cuts, one can presume they’re directly designed to please – but it’s also fantastic to have what would likely be impossible-to-track down odds and ends in one listening space, and due to Susumu’s like-minded sensibilities across all his incarnations, they end up working together incredibly well.