Ifihadahifi – Fame By Proxy

5 out of 5

Produced by: Shane Olivo (recorded by)

Label: Latest Flame Records

Jesus, this album rocks balls, rocks socks, rocks whatever you got.  And when I wrote up No More Music, I sorta pitched it as the peak of their Noisy era, but this album is still plenty goddamned loud, with the additional upsell that every song has a hook as big as the moon (like… the crescent one, I guess).  Subsequently, with a focus shifted to songcraft over momentum, the lyrics pick up some slack as well, adding some observational snark to Music’s youthful musings and randomness.  Not that there isn’t a general sense of humor to HiFi’s vibe, but it seems more pointed this time, even thematic – circling around the album title’s ‘fame by proxy’ concept.

Plucking out singles is still problematic, but I point you back to my comment about the bevy of hooks on the disc: No More Music’s reliance on bombast sometimes sacrificed a good melody for noise; Fame By Proxy the boys are happy to pursue the pop – they just do it with anarchy, shorty gusto, and it’s a glorious thing.  Translated: Every song has single potential.

Shane Olivo’s roomy production style allows all this awesomeness to shine; John Congleton’s mix may flatten out the volume, but this also means that every HiFi member’s penchant for playing their hearts out doesn’t step on their fellow bamdmates same penchant.

Sounds good.  All songs rock.  Sold.