Horns of Happiness – Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline

3 out of 5

Label: Secretly Canadian

Produced by: Horns of Happiness (?)

Maybe a little too experimental – and then somehow also a little too reserved – for an EP, Aaron Deer of Impossible Shapes second outing as ‘Horns of Happiness’ again shows off that the artist has likely contributed his fair share of catchy tunes to the Shapes, and then further defines his own band (now with drummer Shelley Harrison) as something fuzzier and dronier than the hallucinatory pop of IS.  However, the inherent repetitive nature of drone is sort of a tough sell when there’s only about 20 minutes of music to effect a spell, which is further broken up by HoH still doing their own pop thing every other song, and then the physical requirement of having to flip a vinyl record over from side A to side B.  So instead of being immersive, the instrumental tracks feel too short to establish a mood, and there’s just not enough of the pop stuff – which is quite catchy, and sounds deliciously scuzzy lo-fi – to judge the EP on those merits, either.

Both modes of Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline are, individually, compelling enough to urge a listener to seek out further Horns of Happiness music, but they add up to a rather up-and-down listen on their own.