Susumu Hirasawa – Haldyn Dome boxset

5 out of 5

Label: Tesla Kite

Produced by: (mostly) Susumu Hirasawa, Yuichi Kenjo

Covering Susumu’s first seven solo albums, several scattered scores image EPs from the same time (Berserk, Detonator Orgun, etc.), the live ERROR CD, and some collaborations (Syun, the Fuko project, etc.), Haldyn Dome, even at the import price tag, is a cheaper way of getting physical copies of this not-so-available-in-the-US stuff than buying the material individually.  The works themselves have also been remastered, with some bonus tracks, and instances where you might’ve been paying quite a bit for a set on which Susumu only contributed one or two tracks – Global Trotters, for example – it’s all been collected onto a couple discs.

Price-wise: worth it.  Excepting ERROR – and only because, as live set, it doesn’t cover new ground – every disc on here is good to great, and offers a fair amount of musical range (which would certainly be the hope for 16 discs, yes?); quality of music, then: worth it.  And the packaging?  Lordy: a fairly compact rectangular box with two fold-out plastic cases of the discs, and a massive book.  Y’know, in Japanese, so I can’t tell you anything about the content, but regardless – this isn’t a barebones music-only set in a cheap case: this is a box set.

Contents have been reviewed individually, but this meets all the markers of being a valuable purchase, assuming you don’t already own the material.