Goon Moon – Licker’s Last Leg

5 out of 5

Label: Ipecac

Produced by: James Book (engineered by)

Their first album was shocking – in that I would not have expected this oddball spazz-rock from Twiggy and a guy who worked with Kyuss – and while Ipecac seemed a more sensible home for the weirdo group over Suicide Squeeze, that doesn’t mean I had any idea what to expect for Goon Moon’s Licker’s Last Leg.

Even now, having listened to the album a bamillion times, it’s like I don’t know what to expect, so unique and rewarding dense are these tracks, with, somehow, a synonymous style maintained over Zach Hill and Josh Freese and more guests, and a Bee Gees cover.  I don’t freakin’ understand how this magic happens, and how it doesn’t cross the lie into cheek, but Goon Moon manages it, boy howdy.  Whether it’s the moody opener of Apple Pie, or the drum-freaked (yeah, that’s Zach Hill) My Machine; the tellingly named Hardcore Q3; that straight-faced, damned good Bee Gees rendition of Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You; and even a fractured anthology song – a format I usually dislike – slips in sensibly.

I keep praying we’ll get more of this, but it’s astounding that these guys were able to commit such genius across two albums as-is, so I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars.

I don’t know what the reference point here it.  I’m tempted to toss out something more widely appealing like Beck’s Midnight Vultures era kookiness, but GM bring a different vibe to the table, one that’s equally goofier and more serious than that effort.  The Ipecac tag might be enough to indicate the need for an open ear, but then again, this is an awful poppy album for this label.  Sincerely: I can’t think of a valid starting point, especially if you go in thinking that the two main band member’s bandly pasts are going to determine things.  So for better or worse, it must suffice to call it completely its own thing.  Maybe if you like the Bee Gees, you should check it out.