Fuck – Goldbricks

4 out of 5

Label: Homesleep

Produced by: Various

Singles / odds & sods collections are generally fan-geared releases, and the back half of Fuck’s Goldbricks functions as such, but the first dozen or so tracks from this 24 song compilation, despite being plucked from different releases and years, actually work together as a fairly comprehensive album, with some stone cold gems scattered afterward as well.  Being mostly from an earlier Fuck era, the contents aren’t so much like the mellow and silly Cupid’s Cactus – which is about when it was released, initially as an Insound Tour Support disc, but follow the slightly more distortion prone antics of Baby Love a Funny Bunny or Conduct, with plenty of representative humor (Made Up Last Night; the You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch cover) and occasional stabs of heartful emotions coming through in mini epics like Somewhere’s Else.  There’s also some filler-y ditties, but that’s par for the Fuck course, and isn’t, by any means, unwelcome as a well-sequenced bridge between the fair amount of material here.

The nature of this release makes it a bit ‘looser’ than the true albums; Fuck has never been particularly concerned with absolute precision or theme, but you can still tell this is stitched together, even if it all flows from one song to the next well for the most part.  And, as mentioned, it loses its hooks for a bit past the midway point, but comes back with enough notable tracks to absolutely make it worth its while – certainly for fans lacking all those sweet 7″s and compilation appearances, but also for those curious to sample the Fuck sound.