Fan_3 – What They Gonna Think? (from the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack)

3 out of 5

Label: Walt Disney Records

Produced by: Elliot Lurie

Ah, the strange saga of the here-and-gone-again Fan_3, purveyor of high schooler rap that led to a shelved album I hope to one day hear…

No secret that I loved / love Fan_3’s few contributions to the world, immensely catchy as they were and showing off surprising skills for her age that seemed to snip at the more cookie cutter stuff of the girl-pop scene of the time.  This early single is of the same flavor as Digits or anything else, with the lyrics focusing on, like, boys, but also something something having fun looks the same at any age.  It’s got a nice old school flair to the beat that syncs up with the lyrics, but Fan definitely stumbles over her pacing at notable points and the track repeats itself a few too many times, outstaying its catchy welcome.