Fan_3 – Geek Love (single)

4 out of 5

Label: Geffen

Produced by: Bitcrusher

Ugh, WHY DID WE NEVER GET THAT ALBUM?  Because Fan_3 – aka Allison Lurie – was caught smoking weed at the tender age of whatever, and thus label-dropped and disappeared?  Yeah, something like that.  And that unheard album may have been horrible; and you may find her hip-hop stylings and nasally delivery obnoxious; but while  I don’t have the savvy to say whether or not Fan was a complete marketing production or an actual creative outlet for a young, inventive mind, the available bios out there suggest Lurie was heavily involved in her own writing and said ‘stylings’ register as surprisingly legit.   I bought the act, in other words, and I would’ve bought the album.

Alas, all we’re left with is a smattering of singles, such as Geek Love – a shallow but fun “you’re a dork but you can smooch me anyway” teen tribute to classicism – as well as the three snippets tagged on to the end of this mini compilation.  Frustratingly, those snippets are both really good and unique, suggesting there was at least four songs’ of quality material on that album, but at least we can go to the Shark Tale soundtrack for the full version of Digits.

Lots of words for a single, eh?  Just dig on the depths of production for this silly single – this ain’t a cut and dry beat – as well as the lack of repetition in Fan’s rhymes.  WHHHHYYY