Elecktroids – Kilohertz EP

2 out of 5

Label: Clone Aqualung

Produced by: James Stinson

An unfinished thought.

Elecktroids’ Kilohertz 12″ was apparently released under a cloud of mystery by Warp back in the day, then eventually tied to James Stinson for production, thus qualifying it for one of Clone Aqualung’s modern day rereleases.  As always, I’m sure that listeners with more acute ears than mine own will find something to appreciate in these krautrock-y tunes, but these feel incredibly minor to me, like demos, with little tweaks tossed in in the very concluding moments of some tracks almost like an insult to the repetitiveness that precedes it.  It’s not that the beats are uncompelling – they’re definitely fun, and there’s a depth to the production that we can maybe attribute to Stinson – but the application of those beats feels very limited; an idea that the Elecktroids had and then looped, waiting for further inspiration to come.  Further inspiration does come on Magnetic Field and Remote Control Hornet, which step away from the structure a bit and go towards video game-y escalating bleeps and bloops, suggesting the full length ‘Elecktroworld’ by the group may take better advantage of runtime and sequencing for a more satisfying experience, but Kilohertz is just too dang short and fleeting to accomplish that, with no real standout track to hold it together as an EP.

The reissue includes the bonus ‘Digital Warlock’ as an extra after a locked silent track on the B-side (a neat trick); it’s a bit longer than the other tracks, giving some time to warm to it, and feels almost like a riff on Transllusion’s style, drawing us closer to Stinson, but I didn’t have much patience with it due to not having much affinity for the rest of the EP.