Dog Eye – Welcome to the Breakdown Bistro

2 out of 5

Label: (digital – Red Gut Records?)

Produced by: Dominic Vincent

Picking and choosing from grunge, punk, metal, and hardcore, Dog Eye deliver some good riffs, but nothing that really becomes distinctive of a ‘sound,’ especially their own.  Compounded by a very generic vocalist and generic – and random – additions of a screamo yelly guy and a growly hardcore guy, Welcome to the Breakdown Bistro’s five tracks never break through the college / local band vibe; something that bobs your head as an opening act but passes from memory when whichever group you’re there to see hits the stage.  Which isn’t to say the group is without skill, as some good thrash riffs happen on No. 1 and Beast kicks things off with some pretty solid grunge / metal, and Dominic Vincent’s production highlights a solid drums / bass backbone, but skill doesn’t necessarily equate to originality,