Cop Shoot Cop – Live At Martin Bisi Studios 1993 DVD

3 out of 5

Recorded by: Martin Bisi

I sorta missed the boat on live music DVDs – for whatever reason, it’s amusing to recall that that was a “thing” at a point, distributors discovering they could make money off of a concept bootleggers had been trading in at flea markets for years – and I’m also not a live show enthusiast, so, sure, I’m not the demo here.  And yet I bought this, because it came out in 2016 and there’s been a sad dearth of Tod A. material for quite some time, plus, CSC were noted for their live shows, and it furthermore represents a smokey, noisy period of NY rock I wish I had gotten to see, so… yeah.  I’s boughts it.

Not the target demo, but in this case, I wanted a document of a time and a band, and I guess that’s where I feel like this DVD drops off.  The camera is steady, and video quality clear for the 1993 analog recording, with the mix capturing a good blend of vocals and basses and drums.  It doesn’t do justice to the extras: the keys; the junk percussion; the occasional horn; and the venue is too small to really let the group spread out and move around.  Seeing it in person, in control of your own focus, I’m sure the energy would’ve been more electric, but except for some highlights, the visual effect here is rather static.  Close your eyes and it’s there in the music, but sight and sound together is a mixed bag.  Adding to this is the lack of crowd footage.  Yes, our focus should be on the band, but the way it’s cropped, the venue could be empty except for one rhythmless, sweaty dude in the front.

Clear sound and picture, but not an essential edition to a CSC music library.

The DVD also has a brief band interview that is very amusingly 90s, and some equally amusing commentary from the 2016 edition of the group as they watch their own old show.