Clarence – Hyperspace Sound Lab (2015 Clone Aqualung reissue)

4 out of 5

Label: Clone Aqualung

Produced by: James Stinson

Fronted with a humorously generic club track – the properly named ‘Clarence G’s Club‘ – the rest of this classic (1991!) James Stinson / Drexciya work is insanely ahead of its time, issuing some dank, dark beats that halfway morph back into club tracks while holding on to their edge.

Both A and B-sides start off with some vocal tracks, ‘Club’ of a 70s, talky hip-hop variety, B-side ‘Cause I Said It Right’ more hepped up to some 90s spittin’, on top of this delightfully mechanized beat that has some warmth and weirdness to it thanks to Stinson.  The backing tracks to each side are more of a Detroit sound, old school synths and beats, with this awesome, rough edge to them befitting the era of production – closer ‘Data Transfer’ almost has an early NiN bleakness!  This is wild stuff, only knocked down ’cause that intro track is something of a turn off to me.  (…Although, uh, don’t judge, but I was playing it at 33, which gives it a much different vibe…)