Chevelle – Live From the Road

2 out of 5

Label: Epic

Produced by: Chris Anderson, Dave Pinsky (recorded by)

Once again, I reiterate my main criteria for a quality live disc: offer me something unique that I can’t experience from studio cuts.

‘Live From the Road’ is very much a quick-fix release in the wake of Chevelle’s seemingly sudden Wonder What’s Next success; I appreciate that there are a selection of tracks from their superior debut, Point #1, given that that album wasn’t mentioned in most of Next’s press at the time, but the focus is nonetheless very much on capitalizing on their singles, and the recording sound – all gutsy guitar and poundy drum – mimics that.  (To those that’d offer that that’s always how Chevelle sounds, I don’t disagree, but it’s to varying degrees, and WWN was the pinnacle of radio hard rock clean-edged sounds for the band)

Featuring said tracks is logical, but there’s nary a difference from the album versions to merit this experience, with a star detracted because – worse – there are unflattering mistakes.  Guitar lines either flubbed or recorded poorly; some mis-timed breakdowns; it’s not a great set.

The last two tracks seemed to have been recorded at a separate show and are much more confident, but still don’t offer any nuance verses the studio cuts.