Bush – Greedy Fly (CD1 of single set)

3 out of 5

Label: Trauma Records

Produced by: Steve Albini, John Pearson (live tracks, recorded by)

The radio single, a b-side, and two live cuts.

You’re presumably getting singles as a fan of the band or song, so let’s talk bang for buck: the b-side, Old, is, on the one hand, the kind of track we rarely get from Bush: the balls out rocker.  One off my favorite non-album tracks of theirs – Bubbles – is in this format, and Old has a similar full-throttle appeal, with the added plus of the rawness of Razorblade Suotcase production.  It’s definitely a worthy catalogue addition, but falls short of being ‘must have’ due to a really weak closing.  The live tracks – Insect Kin and Personal Halloway – are cleanly recorded and enthusiastic, but there’s nothing special to make them better than the album tracks.

So an average set of tracks overall.