Aztec Camera – Somewhere In My Heart (12″ promo)

4 out of 5

Produced by: Michael Jonzun

Label: Sire

To put it simply: The world is ending, because I ended up liking a pointless promo remix of Frame’s Hearts on Fire.

I found this in a dollar bin, so that might be positively coloring my opinion; possibly if is spent years tracking this down for a slightly extended mix, I’d drop it down to THREE stars in frustration.

But, I mean, the song itself is great, and the side A “remix” slightly ups the pitch and pace and loops some sections – not in a dancey way, rather organically – smartly trailing out the track’s catchiness by an extra minute or so.  It’s just tweaked enough to be different without losing an iota of the original’s appeal.

The B side is an “alternate”, which is pretty close to the original.  Close enough to my ears to not register as anything extra, meaning I paid a buck for one newish (for me) track that I liked, which is fine.  Both tracks were mixed by Eric Calvi.