Asylum Seekers – Hardcore House EP

3 out of 5

Label: Firstcask Records

Produced by: Ed DMX

As noted by a cheerful reviewer on Discogs, this is better appreciated if you know what you’re in for, and… if that’s your thing.

Ed DMX, AKAing as Asylum Seekers here, loves his old school influences, often recycling hot 80s garagey garbage into modern masterpieces – tracks that maintain a sense of humor but also respect for their sourced sounds and inspirations, approached with an edge refined by being wholly immersed in electronic knowhow and history.  But as you can maybe tell by the chintzy label and track names like Hardcore House, Ed has gone all in here, for a full-on 80s house masquerade.

It’s Up To You brings in ye olde clubby vocals, but it’s a pretty good track, if a little long, backed up a more grooving beat on Olde Garbage.  The B-side starts to stretch things, though – or maybe make things even better, if this is your style – with Down the Drain and the aforementioned Hardcore House just rockin’ dem loose, old school beats on a loop for a few minutes each.

I do like the modern touches Ed brings to his DMX Krew work, so this isn’t so much my style, and is thus reflected in the rating.  But I also don’t think there’s necessarily anything standout here even if your collection is full of these kinds of beats.