Aphex Twin – MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96

4 out of 5

Label: Warp

Produced by: Richard D. James

The second single from the Syro sessions, MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96’s three tracks retain that album’s generally upbeat vibe while also offering a nice bit of tonal variation spread across the A and B side (which are of course intended to be listened to at different speeds, because Aphex Twin).

The main cut (from the Japanese version of the CD) fits in the most with Syro’s poppier, organic elements: constructing a pleasant beat from several pieces and then spooling that out for seven minutes.   It’s somewhat lacking in embellishments, but demonstrates James’ keen awareness of song construction such that it remains compelling and interesting for its entire runtime.

On the B-side, the alternate album take XMAS_EVET1 N picks up the pace a bit, leading into the Drukqs-y rush of MARCHROMT38 fast.

While there’s not really a standout track, the single is a great addendum to Syro, and has a nice identifiable quality to it that marks it as this particular style / era of Aphex work.