Aphex Twin – Drukqs 2 Track Promo

5 out of 5

Produced by: Richard D. James

Label: Warp

Do I knock this for just featuring two album tracks, nothing extra?  Nah – if you got this, besides via re-sale, it was likely a pre-order bonus for Drukqs or as a promo you nabbed from your shop.  So it was intended as a freebie; no penalty for a lack of unique material.  …I mean, technically they are remixes, but you’d have to go side by side to tell the difference.

I suppose I could say it’s a misleading as a promo, as its tracks are of the cut-and-paste Windowlicker variety, not indicating the bevy of piano tracks or more subtle stuff on the album, but whatever.  The tracks sound fantastic on wax, syncing with RDJ’s progression toward more analogue instrumentation that maybe started around this time.  Side A’s 54 Cymru Beats – Argonaut Mix is the highlight, shuffling through insane breakbeats and stop-on-a-dime bpm changes, but the B side (Cock 10 – Delco Freedom Mix) is a great track as well – maybe not quite as far reaching in scope as A, but on par with the best madness from Come to Daddy / Windowlicker stuff.