A.W.O.L. – Taylor High School Recordings

2 out of 5

Produced by: Matt Walden (recorded by)

Label: digital (Matt Summers’ digital archive)

It’s unfair to rate this, really, as it’s a demo, and it was recorded live to a cassette.  All that stuff shows.  This is a garage act, guys reshuffled between other bands, and it’s loose and shambling as hell, and pretty generically punky.  The sound quality fades in and out; the vocals are of the off-key talk-sing of yer usual 80s punk act, and the tunes are typical three chord fare.

‘The Vegetable People’ tosses a weird tone in there that suggests the group may have found their way to a more distinctive sound, and the ‘second takes’ of the first two tracks are significantly better – more focused, more drive, sharper performances.  But, still, this is very much an archival type recording; presented by Matt Summers for posterity, but not something I imagine is likely to be listened to unless you were there for the demo the first time around.