Vaux – Plague Music

5 out of 5

Label: Equal Vision Records

Produced by: Adam Kaspar (co-producer)

Back when I was repping Vaux to anyone and everyone – meaning those few precious years in the mid 2000s when they actually existed – the album that had scorched lovely holes in my eardrums, There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them, was followed by this EP, Plague Music, which was everything that I loved about There Must Be Some Way distilled down to a brutally catchy 5 tracks.

Obsession with the emptiness of fame; some lyrics that smashed sex and death and religion together; a song called Celibate Good Times with one of the most infectious guitar / drum riffs of all times and goddamn when that double bass drum kicks in, and double goddamn to the final, swaggering portion of that track… There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them was accurately named, but Plague Music seemed to answer that with a brash boast of No, There’s No Way. John Goodmanson’s production drove my ears to that debut disc, but Adam Kaspar’s production here is just so forefront while maintaining crispness and crunch, it’s a gorgeous thing. The EP even pauses for long enough to get creepily unromantic on the keyboard squiggles of the 2-minute Sex Will Happen Tonight, which is the perfect break before the unruly storm of the closing title track’s takedown of vacuous music.

Seriously: all the insane volume and catchiness of the preceding album are distilled down to 3 minute cuts of perfect hardcore punk. How I wish more people had caught on to Vaux at the time