Various Artists – House of Waxwork #1

4 out of 5

Label: Waxwork Comics

Produced by: Thomas Dimuzio (mastered by)

Further ingratiating themselves as a cool, niche imprint, Waxwork Records double down on genre appeal by kicking off their own horror comic ls line, intended to come with exclusive musical scores, a la issue #1s 7″.

The House of Waxwork Theme (credited to Rami Sharkey And Kevin Dredge) and Lighthouse Keeper (credited to Creeper) are by names that are new to me, but Douglas Pipes – giving us Occult Slumber Party – has a few horror scores to his name.  Regardless, everyone here is working with a similar template: Carpenter minimalism and 80s instrumentation.  At full length, this would be too cliché or get tiresome, but the bite-sized format is perfect: the theme is a blast, starting off small and digging into its beat to be appropriately thematic.  Sorority is actually the most generic of the bunch, not really doing much to differentiate from the b-movie stalker tune its clearly appropriating, but again – this is the right venue for this kind of stuff, so it still works.  Creeper’s entry is definitely the most nuanced, bridging the gap between the two references I’d made (Carpenter’s brooding minimalism; 80s sleazy keys) to deliver something that’s already impressive on its own, and then doubly so as a capper to this experience.

Hopefully this comic / music outing continues and we get more cool stuff of this quality.