Various Artists – Ghostly Swim

3 out of 5

Produced by: Various

Label: Williams Street Records

A free collection of Ghostly International artists curated by / for Adult Swim (as part of the Williams Street Records’ regular digital releases), Ghostly Swim is… a collection of Ghostly International artists.  I don’t believe anything here is unreleased, so it can rightly be considered a sampler for the label.

Do you like the label?  Ghostly International has a cute, well designed label symbol – some nostalgia there, with a Pac-Man like ghost – which generally carries over to its album designs, which are artsy but approachable.  You’re not scared of a Ghostly International release.  ‘What’s this?’ you might wonder, browsing through some used records, and you put it on to find some fine, pleasant IDM-adjacent stuff.  Y’know – dashes of cut and paste beats, some rushes, some tones you’ll recognize from Global Goon, or Aphex Twin’s ‘On’ era – but nothing really (sorry) too revolutionary.  You bob your head.  And then some time later, the album has finished, and you can’t really remember what it sounded like.  But now you can name drop them at a party!  You have advanced one music cool point.

So it goes with this compilation, which includes some slightly more hip-hop influenced groups, some rock-influenced groups, some pop.  It’s all very pleasant.  A few artists do stick out, and you might find them worth checking out.  Easy to listen to, with one or two lasting impressions: from a free comp, that certainly ain’t bad.