Tripping Daisy – Live – Get It On

3 out of 5

Produced by: Greg Calbi (mastered by)

Label: Island Red

If you were hanging around in cool Texas places during the years of Tripping Daisy’s formation, then you probably were exposed to Tim DeLaughter’s long, red braids and hippie-esque “yeah, man,” chatter.  Their debut album, Bill, captured their energetic mix of psychedelia and punk, with the underlying funk and lyrical silliness pegging it as an early effort, especially compared to their final two slabs of TD masterworks, Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb and Tripping Daisy, and the members’ later efforts as Polyphonic Spree.

To keep the hype train rolling on Bill, Capitol / Island Records also issued the live Get It On EP, which featured some Bill tracks, some new tracks, and a Bad Religion cover.  The punky / funky spirit of Bill is very much alive here, but so is, somewhat embarassingly, a very college-y jam band vibe.  Which exists on the album as well, but is tamed by the mindfulness of crafting a studio release, versus the open-ended raise-your-lighter sensibility of Get It On.  Which makes it sound epic, but it’s not; though cleanly recorded, this is Tripping Daisy as your band next door.  The title track even has the feel of one of those “fan favorites” that tends to whip the crowds up live, but is rather flat on record.

A competent recording, and if you lean toward their Bill antics, a worthwhile addition, but otherwise the band’s least developed set of tracks.