Andre Roessler & Isabel Greiwe – Till We All Die

2 out of 5

Label: 568996 Records DK

Produced by: Andre Roessler & Isabel Greiwe?

Well THAT’S certainly disappointing. A delightfully creepy toy piano / whispering title track is backed by an acoustic vocal track (Bundy), a slightly more lively folkish track (Basement Ghosts), and then another mix of that intro track, not unique enough to merit much excitement.

Bundy’s vocals (we’ll suppose supplied by Isabel) are of a breathy, husky variety I don’t really enjoy, but that’s personal taste; the music itself isn’t very involving, and the lyrics – which we’ll assume are about Bundy – mostly just repeat his name. Basement Ghosts has dual male / female vocals, and follows a similar template, although there’s a some more effects backing the acoustic guitar. Here, the lyrics aim for maybe a scary tale about a, y’know, basement ghost, but it’s all too light and airy to land. Neither of these songs are at all what you’d want to match that opening instrumental, and it’s for that mismatch that even my appreciation of that lone song is affected.