Staff – George W. Hitler

5 out of 5

Label: Lamar Records

Produced by: Staff?

Heck, let’s just call it a Fuck EP.  Staff was a short-lived (?) offshoot from our four-letter named dears, featuring Tim and Geoff.  Coming in a felt pocket with stitched track info, this brief set of songs is, on the one hand, immediately identifiable as Fuck – sounding close to the pop of Conduct era stuff, with closer Be My Sweetheart even partially stealing the Monkey Doll riff – but on the other hand, you sort of get the separate moniker, as Staff feels a little looser and more raw than their parent group, and maybe those are funny adjectives in this context.  Whatever way you want to view it, though, these are excellent little slices of pop, with the title, opening track a typically Fuck-y amusing gentle handling of what would be something really politically charged for others, given an aforementioned extra shimmy via the Staff treatment.  Headshake Baby is sweet, and builds satisfyingly.  Jam, Oh!, an instrumental, feels too short to make it worthwhile at first, but subsequent spins offers appreciations of how well it layers on itself within a short span of time.  And the aforementioned Sweetheart may start off like Monkey Doll, but more than earns its stripes when letting loose as it goes along.

Only complaint?    Yeah man: Too short.