Sims – Wildlife

3 out of 5

Produced by: Lazerbeak

Label: Doomtree

Y’know, when I first recognized that P.O.S. wasn’t part of the Rhymesayers crew so much as his Doomtree collective, sublet to RSE, I got pretty excited: those dudes P.O.S. kept calling out on his albums as beat purveyors, or who would guest and drop some wild rhymes of their own, had their own label?  Surely, Doomtree would prove to be another source of fantastic hip-hop.

Alas, it seems like there might be a rather practical reason why P.O.S. got the spotlight: he frikkin’ deserves it.  Not to discredit his ‘tree labelmates fully, but… nothing else I’ve listened to on the label really does much for me, very much falling into more of a backpack, Stones Throw-kinda vibe than I prefer.

Sims released a free digital album with producer Lazerbeak, both of whom have done good work with P.O.S.  But working solo, the beats feel limited, and Sims’ rhymes don’t go very far beyond one basic symbol or idea.  This is not lazy stuff by any means, nor is it evidence of a lack of skill, it just doesn’t feel very notable.  Sims’ delivery is stock-standard, and ‘beak’s production doesn’t dive deep enough into speaker-rumbling low-end or far enough into weirdo glitch-hop; so for five tracks we get some thin musings on life and girls and shoes, set to some acceptable “check out my mix tape” tunes.  And you bob along, but, I cannot claim – even after repeated listens – to have any line or rhythm stick in my head.