Silkworm – Marco Collins Sessions

3 out of 5

Label: Matador

Produced by: Marco Collins

Four acoustic versions of early Libertine-era tracks done for a radio show, a couple of these offerings benefit from the stripped-down nature – Raised By Tigers, in particular, is an appreciated alternative – but a couple feel like campfire inclusions: fun, but better in a studio.

Opener Couldn’t You Wait?, from Libertine, is one of the latter, but only because it’s fairly close to the original.  The slight bump in speed and pitter-pat drumming is appealing, it’s just relatively on par with the original.  Scruffy Tumor, a non-album track later collected, is a pretty big misfire, with a kinda botched breakdown in the middle.  Cotton Girl (also from Libertine) rights the ship, perhaps better showcasing the track’s compositional interplay, with the aforementioned Tigers (from In The West) – a Phelps track – taking the album version’s scorching vocals yowls and refitting it as a showcase for Phelps impressive (if nasally) range.

Not a necessary own, but a fun distraction to add to your Silkworm collection.