Scissorfight – Unfinished Business (digital single)

3 out of 5

Label: released digitally

Produced by: Scissorfight?

With the middling Chaos County the only available example of the ‘new’ Scissorfight, it’s hard to get too amped up for or read too much in to single Unfinished Business. I was waiting for a followup album or EP to weigh in, but since its been, like, 8 months since the single dropped… here we are.

Most importantly: it is a good track. The group sounds energized and functioning properly as a unit – instead of the ghost of a band that once was – and the production and speed are very much leaning more into a punky, hardcore thrash sound than the country-tinged rock of SFight of yore. Which is perfectly fine: I’d rather Scissorfight 2.0 find what works for them than stick to what they think is expected, and the track gives me faith that they might manage that.

Lyrically, there’s still the question of how this will shake out. The lyrics were one of the dumbest parts of Chaos County, as new lead singer Doug Aubin co-opted the beer-swilling, fuckin’ and fightin’ Ironlung persona, but without the ripple of sarcasm and intelligence that made SFight anthems so rollickingly enjoyable. It was the jock making jokes about jocks; it was Scary Movie’s understanding of parody. On Unfinished Business, I don’t hear that, but the lyrics are so very generic it is, again, hard to make a full on judgement.

So with reservations: this is better than anything on the previous EP. It’s a fairly straightforward hardcore punk track, but this, more than what was previously offered, makes me interested to see what the band might do next.