Ruth Ruth – The Little Death

5 out of 5

Label: Deep Elm

Produced by: Brett Gurewitz

With the ultra-intense punkyed rock of Laughing Gallery in the rearview, Ruth Ruth jumped to a legit punk label – Deep Elm – and continued digging into their hard-edged pop, vocalist Chris Kennedy more fully establishing the creepy confessional lyrics he’d employ on Are You My Friend? and drummer Dave Snyder pounding even more crap out of his drums than he done before.  Yes: The Little Death is probably my favorite RR release, managing a million and twenty relistens of the 6-song, 15ish minute adventure, each track boiled down to the hooky intensity of Laughing Gallery’s best and most snarling moments, peaking with Daddy Can’t Shoot, a mini-epic that’s somewhat suggestive of the way the group would find other methods besides blazing guitar rock to express their sound…