Pseudosix – Pseudosix

5 out of 5

Label: Sonic Boom Recordings

Produced by: Pseudosix (?)

Tim Perry, on his way to wanting to move in to the more “positive” messaging of Agesandages, spearheaded the murky, folksy stomp of Pseudosix, espousing isolationist proems across angular but melodic tunes.  The group’s debut, while striking, was also almost unfinished feeling at points, and told of an amateur writer, still forming his thoughts.

The followup, self-titled album is all of that hinted-at goodness perfected: Perry doesn’t dart away from riding gentler rhythms for previously employed indie affectations; every song on Pseudosix feels like a fully realized epic bit of fanfare and sadness, stuffed in to two or three minutes and only composed on some guitars and bass and drums.  Tim is still obsessed with the struggle between companionship and the desire to be alone and the puzzling nature of humanity, but his thoughts are expressed in a much more painterly fashion here, always offering up an image or feeling that sells a heartbreaking moment.

Really, this could be Agesandages this time around.  Since the inception of that group, I’ve questioned if Perry mistakes gang vocals and harmonies as signs of happiness, as there’re still a lot of dour thoughts on those releases.  I did grow to embrace the layered nature of AandA after further listens, but that also makes me more fully appreciate how direct Pseudosix feels in comparison, and how immediate and solid of an album that makes it.