oRSo – Long Time By

3 out of 5

Label: Perishable

Produced by: Brian Deck

With a dash of Rex-y cadence and Califone kitchen sink clatter, like-minded bandmate (of those acts and others) Phil Spirito inculcates his own project, oRSo, with enough oddball whimsy to move it beyond its influences and into its own category.  Long Time By, his second album under the moniker, isn’t so far removed from the Perishable catalogue – folk whimsy with post-rock leanings – but it sits comfortably between the slowcore Tim Rutili stuff and Fruit Bats’ pop, and perhaps offers the most in-album variation of anything on the label, as Sprito and his cadre of contributors offer stripped down pluckings, or off-kilter instrumentals, or even, occasionally, some more aggressive twists and turns.  While his sparse lyrical contributions act more as another musical component than words to ply apart and think on, treating the vocals as such means we get the same kinda range, from low-end croaks to some airy and pleasing harmonies.

Long Time By is thus very easy on the ears.  The more I listen to it, perhaps the less depth it has, as it feels presented to be something that sounds and feels good as opposed to something necessarily immersive, but I dig that that makes it comfort music.  Much of the Perishable stuff I have to be in a particular mood to hear; oRSo’s Long Time By I can put on any ol’ time, and find myself nodding mindlessly along.