Jonathan Segel – Love Will Travel soundtrack

4 out of 5

Label: digital release

Produced by: Jonathan Segel

It’s a score, so it gets a bit long in the tooth at points, but Jonathan Segel’s Love Will Travel is, on the whole, a pretty rollicking hoot, absolutely servicing the needed bop suggested by descriptive track names like Blues Club or Still Walkin’ the Dog, but also offering up a fair amount of stylistic depth, touching on Segel’s folk-rock CVB connections, his own work, and then some straight-forward jams.  Late in the album, we get Lena Alone, which is rather abstract, and drastically different from the more guitar-driven themes elsewhere.  It’s a plus/minus: on the one hand, it’s sort of a hard stop amidst the ongoing groove of the set; on the other hand, it’s a fascinatingly moody and evocative track, and if we consider it as what it is – accompanying a film – I can imagine that it would sync perfectly with the title-suggested imagery.

Some wind instruments, keys, and a driving drum beat round out the sounds.