La Cravate

4 out of 5

Directed by: Alejandro Jodorowsky

A rather cute short film in which a man goes to a, er, barber of sorts to have his head removed and replaced in order to woo his lady of choice. The whole thing is done in “mime” – with construction paper props and minimalistic sets, to help things along – and though no one’s being fooled by the way the head swaps are shot, it’s exceedingly cleverly done for a no-budget production, and also quite professional for someone’s first flick.

Some of the actors’ mime work is great – really expressive; clear story-telling – some of it less-so, but the whole thing is amusing and well-paced, as the man is continually turned away to go exchange for another head, and there are apparent struggles between what his body wants versus what his head wants, and I mean that much less sexually than one might assume of a Jodo project – the whole thing has an innocent and comedic vibe to it. Absolutely worth a watch.