Knights of Sidonia vol. 12 – Tsutomu Nihei

1 out of 5

Gratuitous shower scene: one demerit. …Another gratuitous shower scene: one demerit. Gratuitous toilet scene: same. Gratuitous “whoops I’ve seen you all sleeping naked” scene. And, why not: another gratuitous shower scene.

Volume 12 of Sidonia is not horrible, but I can’t give it credit beyond all that fanservice fluff. And just in case we’re hanging on to some of the more worthwhile plot elements – further tech enhancements, including a mini-Sidonia ship; another fascinating evolution of gauna sentience, which feeds into some cheesy but logical followthrough with Tsumugi – we also spend a chapter on a ship popularity poll, because that’s important.

The art is solid. There are, as I’m suggesting, good bits, and the page count of good bits to fanservice is far in favor of the former, but the egregiousness of the latter makes me not care.