Klaus and the Crying Snowman (one-shot) – Grant Morrison

3 out of 5

The fourth “super Santa” Klaus outing for Grant Morrison and artist Dan Mora finds the duo settling into a good rhythm with one another – Grant giving Dan big creatures and big settings so that the smaller acting and panel geography which is a little slippery for the artist isn’t so much of an issue, and the writer going with Big, Wild ideas that are meant to be ephemeral and not aim for anything too deep. …This setup, though, begs for more issues to really make the potential holiday-canceling cataclysm of a repeat of Ragnarok (starring mutant trees and whatnot) feel as large as it needs to be, and the schmaltz that is there – which involves our titular crying snowman – though compellingly resolved, nicely tying in with the whole naughty and nice X-Mas thing, is almost completely auxiliary to the main story.

Still, this is a fun formula now, not a daunting or faceless one; you feel like Kris Kringle is a person, and the other wintry lords with whom he teams up – Father Frost and others – come with their own personalities and sense of history, as opposed to just being trivia inclusions. More issues to enhance the weight of the story would have been absolutely welcomed.