Judge Dredd Year One Omnibus – Michael Carroll, Al Ewing, Matt Smith

5 out of 5

Rated for its value. Review of contents here, here, and here.

While each of the novellas contained within Year One vary from average to good to gooder, they’re all entertaining, and certainly all worth a gander, if text Dredd stories are your bag. From a top down view, though, only one (Carroll’s) really feels like it uses the concept to explore Year One, with Ewing moreso using the opportunity to write a character – Rico – who might not otherwise be available.

But 8 US bucks for three 100ish page stories (The book is 330 pages total) is a fine deal, and although there’s no table of contents, the name of the novella you’re reading appears on the top of every two page spread, making it easy to flip to your desired read. Mini-bios of each author after each chapter, separating pages between the books – an appreciated inclusion that could’ve been overlooked – and an intro by “Tharg” round it out to be a fun, affordable lil’ package.

Again, none are necessarily must reads, but assuming you’re looking for something to pass the time and you’re a Dredd fan, it’s worth it.