Ice Cream Man #20: For Kids – W. Maxwell Prince

3 out of 5

This is another entertaining, creative issue that, while somewhat breaking away from the isolated-tales-of-horror format, is still really just that, and seems more like Prince having fun – belaboring the “point” of the series – than doing the kinds of deep dives of recent tales.

“For Kids” actually has the Ice Cream Man as a starring role – which is a rarity – but as the stories-within-a-story evolves, with ICM reading riffs on kids’ books to two, ice-cream-man suited children, we see how this again fits in to the series’ manipulations of its various characters. That is: the Ice Cream Man may be the featured actor, but we’re not learning anything else or new about him; he’s just doing his nightmare shtick at length.

The spins on books like Goodnight, Moon and Green Eggs and Ham are hilariously tweaked, though, and give Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran, Good Old Neon some chances to try out different looks parodying each original tale, but when the Green Eggs story gets a little too cute and goes on a little too long, you get the sense that this issue is just a yuk, and it’ not as effective as some others (many others) from the series.